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Triva Nation
Triva Nation

Trivia Nation can help your team build relationships and boost productivity!

Virtual working can be stressful.

Difficulties managing conflict and building relationships has been reported by 86% of today’s virtual managers.

– Culture Wizard

Let us make you smile, laugh and forget about stress for an hour or so!


How Our Virtual Team Building Games Work

  • We help you determine the type of event & the right blend of questions.
  • You decide on the level of interactivity & branding for your company or project.
  • We create a secured online experience using Zoom & our easy-to-use interactive portal.
  • Your team has fun, while being seamlessly supported by our highly experienced hosts.
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Player Experience

  • The interface is easy to use and does not require special software.
  • Games are challenging, interactive and highly engaging.
  • Hosts maximize engagement from all players in a positive, fun way.
  • Game environments are secure.

“The experience for our whole staff was very professional and exceeded all my expectations. The team loved it and we will definitely be scheduling more events.”

– Kelly B.
Major National Insurance Company
(105 Players)

“The feedback has been extremely positive. A couple of people said it was the best team building event they’ve ever had. I loved it. People were engaged, laughing, poking fun at each other – it is exactly what we hoped for.”

– Robyn
Peoplr/Legacy Shield
(17 Players)


Virtual Team Building Packages

Our games are fun, friendly competition, using timed questions to make cheating virtually impossible. The Fun and More Fun packages are best for groups of over 30 players.

Fun Package!

  • Fun Congenial Trivia Nation Host
  • 33 Engaging trivia questions
  • Topic Choices:
    • General Knowledge (like Jeopardy) 
    • Pop Culture Through the Ages
  • Individual play
  • Event length: approx. 60 min
  • Up to 50 Players…upcharge at 100+ and 150+ players

More Fun Package!

  • Same as Fun package but also includes:
    • Custom Corporate Branding
    • Team Play, up to 8 teams
  • Event length: approx. 60 min
  • Up to 50 players….upcharge at 100+ and 150+ players

Virtual Trivia Happy Hour!

This is our most relaxed atmosphere, where we are winding down after work with a drink in our hands. We really have fun with teams and groups of under 30 people.  Feels like we are all in our friend’s living room hanging out!

  • Custom Corporate Branding…
  • Breakout rooms for teams
  • Customized Trivia: Choose from a wide variety of Topics like Halloween, TV Shows, Movies, Christmas/Holidays, Cartoons, Sports, etc.
  • Scavenger hunts, picture rounds, different trivia formats within the game for variety
  • Event Length: approx. 60 or 90 min
  • We also can provide Trivia Nation “Dundies” (from The Office TV show) to the winning players or teams.  Small upcharge and your team members will be telling everyone when they receive them a few days later!

Get Started

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